The beautiful swimming pool and unforgettable walks and excursions...

Le Favate farmhouse is a perfect solution for children and adults, who wish to indulge in the real rural live of Southern Italy.
It is possible to practise many sport activities at and around Le Favate: swimming, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, horseback riding, diving, tennis.
For those who enjoy the countyside, there are wonderful walking opportunities, and horse riding through the surrounding olive groves.

Archaeological Site:

The Cilento is an outstanding cultural landscape, where there are many sanctuaries and settlements.
It was a major route for trade,  cultural and political interaction during the prehistoric and medieval periods.
The Cilento was also an important boundary  between the Greek colonies of Magna Graecia and the Etruscan and  Lucanian people. Infact there are two important archaeological sites of Magna Graecia, Paestum and Velia.

Other place to visit around Le Favate:

There are other places to visit such us the Sanctuary of Virgin Mary (Sacro Monte, Novi Velia), the Padula Charterhouse, Palinuro, Acciaroli, Pioppi etc.


Holiday Cilento

Le Favate agritourism  offers the opportunity for guests to make excursions with Holiday Cilento, specialized agency since 1991 which for years meets the needs of visitors to our territory.
The program is different from week to week, to offer more unique and different experiences.

Cilento Adventures

Cilento Adventures organizes recreational activities in the most charming places of the Cilento Coast.
On request you will have the opportunity to practice various activities such as: snorkeling, diving, scuba diving, canoeing and kyak, sport fishing and much more.

Centro Turismo Equestre "Battagliese"

Riding school that offers the opportunity to go horse riding

All information will be provided at the reception.

Le Favate - Ascea (Sa) Contrada Favate

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