A place where luxury is to feel at home

The scent of freshly baked cakes, fresh vegetables in the garden: it's not just food, it's the scents and flavors that will always talk to you about us.

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The beautiful swimming pool and unforgettable walks and excursions...

The History

The History

Favate Home and the ancient dovecote, the old chapel and the old cellarsm.... the history of Favate!


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“Le Favate" is a working farm. On the state we rear chickens, rabbits and pigs. We produce all our own fruit and vegetables, and produce excellent quality olive oil an wine from our vineyards. Tipical regional food The Mediterranean diet hus ...

Extra virgin olive oil 0,75 l
Extra virgin olive oil 0,5 l
Extra virgin olive oil 0,25 l
"Raspente" Wine
"Le Chiuse" Wine
Extra virgin olive oil 1 liter

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Le Favate - Ascea (Sa) Contrada Favate

tel. 0974 977380
Email info@favate.it
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